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Drawing influence from classic British Invasion guitar bands, '90s Australian alternative music and modern Indietronica, ORANGE ROOM are rocking blend of shimmering guitars, massive bass riffs and four-to-the-floor powerhouse beats, topped off with 60's vocal harmonies that are equal parts sneer and serenade.

Easily categorised as Indie-Rock, this Liverpool-based quartet prove a much trickier act to pigeonhole upon hearing their range of material, which involves everything from gentle acoustic strumming, to panoramic delayed tremolo guitar lines, all the way through to out-and-out rock and roll chorus chants; quite simply, they're a band you have to hear before deciding where they fit.

Coming together in Melbourne, Australia in early 2008, the band (made up of British brothers, Lee and Phil Peers, and Australians, Shannon Radic and Tim Baker) quickly decided that their collective love of The Beatles should be the foundation of their music; the songwriting is paramount, and no opportunity for musical experimentation should be ignored. It was this maxim that saw the band play rigorously on the East Coast of Australia, as well as gaining commercial airplay and an army of loyal fans, before relocating to Liverpool in search of a bigger European audience.

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